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House construction

At M.M.Bujak we create the true space for everyday life you have been waiting for. Our core operations focus on the construction of single-family, semi-detached and terraced houses. Depending on design criteria, we are able to construct buildings on the basis of building shell, builder’s finish, and comprehensive turn-key projects. In addition, we can handle both simple, standard projects, and more complex, tailor-made designs, including on demanding development sites.

Based on your needs, we can take care of individual stages or manage the whole construction process, assuming all the responsibilities of the Project Owner. First, we discuss the scope of work with you, prepare preliminary estimates concerning the quantity of materials needed, and draw up a general cost estimate. The preliminary cost estimate, including a site visit, is completely free of charge.

Based on a detailed calculation, we prepare a contract which meets your needs to ensure your full satisfaction with our services.

When it comes to payment terms and conditions, we are flexible. We want the arrangements to be as convenient as possible for both parties (you can pay in instalments, as each consecutive construction stage is completed).

As one of only a few companies operating in house construction in the Lublin area, we can provide you with a list of our previous projects, and share the contact details of the Clients who have used our services.

Having long-term experience in the industry, expertise in engineering and technology, and a well-proven track record, we provide advice on the choice of construction materials. Our Clients can take advantage of attractive discounts and reductions in many wholesale stores and from manufacturers. With our extensive partner network, we can negotiate the best prices for you.

Przedsiębiorstwo BUJAK MATEUSZ M.M.BUJAK realizuje projekt w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Lubelskiego na lata 2014-2020.
Numer projektu: RPLU.05.01.00-06-0186/18
Tytuł projektu: „Termomodernizacja budynku firmy: Bujak Mateusz M.M.Bujak”
Celem projektu jest osiągnięcie wysokiej efektywności energetycznej przedsiębiorstwa poprzez przeprowadzenie termomodernizacji budynku produkcyjno - usługowo - magazynowego. Projekt obejmie realizację kompleksowych zadań w zakresie poprawy efektywności energetycznej. Projekt przewiduje również wdrożenie systemu zarządzania energią w budynku. Pozostałe cele to: zmniejszenie poziomu emisji CO2 i pyłu PM10 do atmosfery. Efektem działań będzie głęboka, kompleksowa termomodernizacja obiektu.

Planowana wartość projektu: 1 924 524,45 PLN
Wkład Funduszy Europejskich: 954 132,80 PLN